Sunday, April 12, 2009

Think before you Vote

The Indian Elections are in Crucial stage now. The next generation
needs able leaders to fight with Poverty, Hunger, Unemployment and
Terrorism which are twins to the same mother called Irresponsibility.
The congress government over the years has done nothing but things
without responsibility.

It is always a short sighted party and will remain to be. Without any
clear agenda, it is day dreaming to rule the nation. It always wanted
poor to remain poor. The current leader of the congress are shameless
who are at the feet of a foreigner. The leaders forget a simple fact
that, the congress party emerged to fight against foreigners. The way
how people are "respecting" madam, is a shameful act.

With so called NREGA, congress party wanted unskilled to remain
unskilled. Who are they to brand a category of people as unskilled?
Come on folks ...... no one is unskilled. Are they ? Instead of
teaching them new skills or introducing new techniques to improve the
productivity of farm labour, congress party has adapted short sighted
scheme or so called Act. And another logic less issue here is 100 days
employment. What happens to remaining days? Where these unskilled
would go? As they were already branded as "unskilled" who will give
them employment? In a way, Congress has encouraged seasonal employment
rather than finding a permanent solution. And the daily wage of
Rs100/- in most of the states is being spent for cheap liquor and
prostitution helping improving the spread of HIV AIDS.

The Congress government is claiming that, they are able to press
Pakistan to accept the guilty of Bombay Attacks through diplomacy.
But, who has given the terrorists courage to attack? Who has suspended
POTA ? If Congress is really concerned on providing security, why it
is after cheap alliances in Bihar?

Only able leadership and a strong leader can solve these issues. But
not a Prime minister like " Sonia Gandhi " read as Manmohan Singh
folks !!!!!!!

People are observing all this. Congress is nearing its death.

People are observing all this.

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