Sunday, November 15, 2009

Animal Laws of various countries

10 Useful Links on Animal Laws and Animal Welfare, World Wide

  1. - Indian Government
  2. - Uk Government
  3. - USA
  4. - Switzerland
  5. - Australia
  6. - New Zealand
  7. - sweden
  8. - France
  9. - Bazil
  10. - South Africa
Some of the above material is downloadable in PDF format. For any further info please write to me. I will try to supply information with in 72 hours.


Rhia said...

heya!This is interesting.I read your posts and followed your blog.I think the world needs more people like you. :)

here's my site by the way,

see yah there! ^_^

"The Author" said...

Hi, thanks for nice compliments. Writing is at one end but people like you are at another end. The world needs both.

Please send me your link again.

Funride said...

The laws are very important but their application it´s even more important.

Thank you for standing up for animals.

BTW, here it is the link to the Portuguese animal laws:

"The Author" said...

Thanks for the comment and information Funride!!!