Saturday, November 28, 2009

In the light of Climate Change Summit in Copenhagen.

There are lot of questions these days are being asked. Why should one think about Animals for that matter even about Others (Humans)? What if, if they are killed ? Does other animals are not killing animals? I think all these questions are non - sense and are not correct.

Every creature created on this earth has a right to live, right not to be abused.

Why should we think about Nature and Animals ?
We all agree that, GOD has created this nature and all the living beings and non living beings are the elements of the nature. All the living beings are created to help each other in order to grow further. The nature has given equal space to Human beings in the form of plain lands and to animals in the form of forests and water to live. So, nature has clearly marked who should live where. But, since the ages, because of population explosion and greed, we have encroached the natural homes of Animals by cutting down forests. In lot of cases, we are cutting down forests not only for living but also for other reasons like mining, industrial set ups, airports etc.,

We are doing only this because, we feel that we are superiors to others (in some cases than Nature). Yes !!! to some extent this logic sounds right. But, when we are occupying the homes of others, it is our responsibility to show the alternatives to them. If someone invades into our home, we will react. Poor animals are not doing that also. Because of our greed, we are on the verge of loosing our companions. The GREAT PANDA of China is one of those. Donkeys, Horses, Dogs, Cats, Chicks, Pigs, Cows etc are serving mankind unselfishly. They are working for us and are part of our growth. You can see Donkey's association with Man in a Mega City like Cairo. When, those animals are cooperating to us, is it not our basic duty to think about them ? Is it not our responsibility ?

What if, if the Nature is Destroyed or Animals are killed ?
My basic question again is who are we to kill them ? Do we have any roll in creating them ? Does anybody said we can kill them ? Who has given us the right to kill them ? Just because we are strengthy, use machinery and invent things, can we kill any one ? Do we allow somebody else who is little powerful than us to kill our family members ?

We are killing those innocent animals because, they can not counter or ask. They simply bare what ever we do and die. They can not react. So, we are showing our heroism on those, who can not react. How sadistic this is? How cruel this is? Apart from that, is it a real heroism ???? I doubt ..........

I faced a strange question from someone during one of my recent online discussions. They asked me, "Are animals not killing animals" ? I felt strange when i heard this question. Animals do not know what is right and what is wrong. They just know, when they are hungry, they should eat some thing. They do not know, killing some other animal is crime or injustice.

But, as human beings, we know what is right and what is wrong. If we loose that wisdom, what is the difference between us and animals in the forests? We are educated and matured only to show cruelty towards the other creatures? Is it what our education taught ?

Because of our immatured acts, we are disturbing the nature and at last, we are only suffering. Cutting down the forests is the main cause of Global warming. We should blame only ourselves for this. Like wise, we are imbalancing the nature to a great extent. We are only thinking about today and destroying everything. But what about our future generations ? We should stand as culprits in front of them ? Does this, we want?

We till now has very few answers to the challenges thrown to us by nature. We do not know what to do in the case of a Tsunami or an Earth Quack. These dangers are occurring frequently because we are imbalancing the nature.

Towards the end, the bottom line is, we should change our mindsets. We should treat all our companions as equal to us and should show some dignity towards them. Other wise, those days are not too far, where we will turn into cannibals or skin each other alive.


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Rebecca said...

very well written, with such passion. We are destroying the Earth at an alarming rate and as we destroy it we destroy ourselves. Not just with climate change, but with synthetic chemicals. You might be interested in these posts: it is a 4 part series on petrochemicals