Monday, November 9, 2009

Lonely Life

Lonely life is not new for me, infact after my education, i wanted little lonely life.I was always in the shadow of my mom and dad and never came out of my own place as I was the only son to them. So, i was not exposed to the challenges of the external world or never got an opportunity to assess myself. I was desperately looking for a chance to come out of home and spend atleast 4 to 5 years away from parents. 

In 2003, I came away from home. Lived in Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan, Madhyapradesh,Hyderabad, all alone uptill 2007 Feb (all are places in India) and then landed in Cairo in 2009 February. In the mean time gone to Srilanka and Indonesia also. But life was never so boring and agonizing as it is now. I never felt such bore in my life.

Basically i am not a party freak or roam around kind of guy. But, never in my life i felt so lonely and disgusted. This life is giving me lot of mental restlessness. 

Cairo is actually a wounderful place for party animals. But naah ......... not for me.I recently tried one party and when i was in the party i was feeling more loneliness in the party after being isolated from the group. I do not have friends of my age to roam here, as i do not speak Arabic.

The day is fine as i am involved in my work and time runs like that. But my evenings are so long. I do not know how to cope with this agony. I am growing mad. 

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