Monday, November 2, 2009

My travel to Luxor - Part 2

We have planned to visit West Bank where there is a tomb (called as temple) of Queen Hatshempsut, Vally of Kings (several tombs of Kings).

The mythology says that, two two Gods are very popular in this place. 1. Horus (God of protection) 2. Hapi (God of Nile).

Luxor has a remarkable history which has weaned itself and given the place a unique rich feel that has interspersed its contours with temples and tombs to say the least. The city was originally a part of Thebes, the Southern City, almost eight hundred kilometers south of the Mediterranean, on the east bank of the river Nile. The city was an erstwhile capital of the Egyptian world during the reign of the eleventh dynasty and also most of the eighteenth dynasty of the Egyptian Pharaohs.
Thebes was the capital of Waset which is the seat of ancient Egypt. The city developed at early, and then Luxor was called as the Epet, came to light when the Theban family was established. Rose to power as the residence of the Royal family, it also became the altar of worship to the God of Amon. Luxor was a part of the land site chosen for the burial of the rich and discerning citizens including the people in the royal line. The Place housing the Valley of the Kings and the Valley of the Queens was one of the richest region of the then Egypt. Nile gave it the necessary impetus to be the abode of the Royalties as the place is cooler compared to other places which share the scorching heat of the Sahara Desert.
Luxor was also the ideal place for boating along the Nile, providing entertainment fit for the Kings and easy to have guards patrol the grounds. Moreover this is the site which would provide the necessary fast and safe exit for the Royalties. Over the period the site Luxor had a loss of face when the Royal patronage ceased. The History of Luxor has given Luxor places like Temple of Karnak, Valley of the Kings, Luxor Temple, Temple of Hatshepsut at Deir el Bahari, Tomb of Queen Nefertari, Temple of Amun, Valley of the Artisans, tombs of Tutankhamen and of Sons of Ramses II. city is very clean, neat and lovely. A very small city with Nile river. From Luxor to Aswan people travel in Cruise. The distance is around 180 kms.

This place is also very famous for stone carvings and art work. We have seen one outlet of extraordinary art work but, imaginably the place is too expensive.

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Good Pictures... I think you enjoed that place.. very much...