Sunday, November 29, 2009

Our DOG Rescue story

During the last summer I was in India went there to celebrate my break from Work. I was with my family. My father usually feed street dogs every day. Every day one female dog used to come to get her feed from my father. 

One day early in the morning, my father went to bring news paper and found this dog inserted her face (uptill neck) in to a mineral water can. Being summer, that poor dog wanted to drink water and strangled herself into the water can. Its like an astronaut. But, it could not get rid of it. With lot of confusion and fear it started running around. It has two small pups, but by looking this dog like this, they were afraid to come near to it. This dog was not in a position to accept any support from any one because of its fear and confusion. My father tried to help it, but it ran away from him. The dog was in a position where, it can not drink or eat food.We have searched for her the entire day and also the next day. We could not found her. We almost lost our hopes. Exactly at that moment, I found her. I immediately called my father and we both started to chase it. It went inside a building which is under construction. My father and I carefully trapped her. It was not in a position to move now from that place. That mineral water can has a tap to it. So, i held that tap with one hand very tight and with another hand the can. The dog struggled to get rid of my grip and i knew very well that, if it struggles, it will be free from the hell. The same thing happened. Its head came out of that can, and ran away to her pups.

We felt very happy.


Shaheen said...

Such a sad story! it is wonderul what you do and how much difference you are making to the lives of these animals. Keep up the good work!

nothingprofound said...

Marvelous! Kindness is its own reward.