Thursday, November 19, 2009

Please Love your Pets and other Animals, Do not abuse them.

My New Friend

These beautiful animals are put into boiler alive to prepare CAT Soup to cure some of the diseases, where there is no scientific evidence for this. This is bizarre and cruel. It should be stopped.

The following links will tell you the story.

Dog Abuse in Korea (Its your decission to watch or not)
Dog Meat Trade Facts

After watching the above, if you feel something has to be done, Please click the below link and sign for the petition.

To Know more about these issues and about NGO Fighting against Animal Abuse in Korea, go to the below link.


Jan Mader said...

I came to you through the Traveling Suitcase after I read your comment about "dogs, cats, and Male potency" ...I was curious.

I'm a children's author and writing from my blog for people who like to write.

I also have a blog for animal lovers at

Please come visit me. I do rescue work but nothing that compares to what I see needs to be done....I can barely think of what happens to those kittens.

This weekend on my blog, I'm going to feature a young woman who rescues stray cats and has the spayed. She's saved many many lives. Hope to meet you soon...

Barbara Rae said...

You are doing a very nice job. Keep up the good work!

Ann said...

okay i am not going to watch those videos cause i know it's going to be horrific.

i never heard of people eat cats! i know that asians eat dogs well mostly koreans. i guess it's just a cultural thing.

as long i dont hear about it and see it .....i will just stop here...

henry J said...

i like pets. visit my blog & post comment it

SANDY said...

Glad to see you posted about this, that's what I was referring to; rather than emailing me privately about it. These are topics worthy of discussion. Cats and dogs have been food for some cultures for a long time, and realistically that probably won't change. We eat cow's, Hindu's feel that is wrong. Cruelty though is another situation completely. Yes Koreans eat dog (or did?, The American Indian did also. Several Asian restaurants have been closed down here in town by the health department when it was found they were serving cat.

Scientific research to aid humans in their fight against disease does sadly sometimes involve animals; though I also see that as far different from horrific intentional animal cruelty.

Glad to see my SIL, Jan made her way here. I was going to send her your link.

Keep raising awareness.

Sandy said...

Wanted to come also and say how cute the picture is of you and your kitty.

It is interesting to me, and I wonder why does the problem seem to be more prevalent in Korea then elsewhere? I read the articles about Philippines also; but more information seems to indicate Koreans have consumed more dog and cats through the years than other cultures.


AVCr8teur said...

I love my dog and can't imagine why people would abuse their pets or any animal.

nothingprofound said...

Keep up your efforts. I'm a vegetarian in my 60s and healthy as a horse. There is no biological necessity to slaughter and kill animals.

Shaheen said...

Why are people so cruel to animals, it is beyond my comprehension :( Your new pet is adorable!