Monday, November 23, 2009

Please Sign on Following 10 Petitions to make a difference

 Please sign all or any of the following petitions and spread a word to make the difference of those thousands of voiceless animals. Let us stand for them. This is the time we should give protection and helping hands to those thousands of unfortunate living beings. Please vote here for a cause.

1. (Poisoning animals )
2. (Cruelty to Bears)
3. ( Closing of Cyprus Animal Shelter - We want it to be remained open)
4. (Against poisoning animals)
5. ( Fire Bulls )
6. ( Shelter animals are sold for research )
7. ( Cruel Feeding to Ducks )
8. ( Live skinning of animals)
9. ( Animal Sacrifice for soccer stadiums)
10. ( Last but not least, and one of the highly inhumane activity.)


Sergey said...

Спасибо что публикуете такие материалы в защиту животных....
Thanks that publish such materials in protection of animals....

SANDY said...

Had no idea there were that many protection groups, I've not seen that many to protect people. Good of you to keep posting and spread the word. My focus right now is homeless people. There are so many causes, it's hard to support all that pull at our heart strings.

You might want to check out my other blog on that subject. Leaving you the url

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