Saturday, November 21, 2009

Where r we going ? What are we doing ?

Every one of us like Dolphins, right ? If your answer is Yes, wait a bit. Think a while. Because not every one of us may like them ....... in fact some of us kill them.

Wondering why ?

Are Dolphins curel ??          No.
Are Dolphins harmful ?        No.
Are Dolphins our enemies?  No.
Just because they are innocent and can not react ? May be YES.

This slaughter is not carried by professional hunters but agonizingly by young people who just completed their teenage. Then why the teenagers kill them ?


Surprised ??  This massacre is happening in front of our eyes. This is happening in between us. Every year thousands of youth participate in it. Instead of teaching humanity to youth, we are teaching them cruelty. This is happening in Denmark. Ironically, all the youth kill those dolphins who come to play with the youth waiting to slaughter them, in a friendly way and innocently without knowing that, they will be killed by these impotents. They are killed with a hook and when they are hit by this hook, these dolphins make a similar sound like a small baby's cry . But the killers are humans and cruel also. So no matter what the animals feels, young people are very happy to kill them. If some one kill our babies in front of our eyes just for a meaningful reason, how we react ?? Are we doing this because, poor dolphins can not react ???

Moreover, this is called Dolphin killing "Festival".

Is my post still unbelievable ?? Follow the below given links.
Denmark Dolphin Slaughter
Denmark should feel shame

Join Facebook for a Cause here.

Sign the petition here

Instead of killing dolphins, I suggest some of the following activities for Denmark youth (Faroe Islands) to prove that they are matured :
  1. They can join Army and work for their Nation.
  2. They can clean their country by taking some brooms and cleaning equipment.
  3. They can teach free education to poor students.
  4. They can work in countries like Somalia and make their country's name shine.
  5. They can work against terrorism.
  6. If every thing above seems useless, marry and produce children.
But, please stop this cruelty. This bloodbath is not good for every one. This planet is for all. Not only for human beings. Live like a human being. Live and let live.

Please stop this barbaric act. Stop being sadistic.


Reploid said...

I'm totally against cruelty towards Dolphins.

yeri frizard said...

wacky weird people..
thousands people give lost of effort to save rare animal, and they kill dolphins easily..