Wednesday, December 9, 2009

12 things animals do not do when compared to human

I was thinking about Kittu (our pet dog, which was passed away recently) in the morning and the following points struck my mind incidentally.
1. They are not selfish.
2. Animals don't lie.
3. Animals don't pretend.
4. Animals don't try to prove their supremacy by killing others.
5. Animals don't invade our homes. (not intentionally, some times they enter by accident).
6. They don't know hatred.
7. They know only Love, Affection,  Innocence.
8. No caste, creed, colour differences for them.
9. They do not cause Global Warming.
10. They don't skin us alive.
11. They don't wear us.
12. They don't do chemical testing on us and cause agony.

Please love animals and get loved by them. Its an eternal feeling which can be felt only by experience.


Shaheen said...

Animals are wonderful, so sorry about your dog and keep up the good work!

Vinay Rai said...

Every creature in this world is unique and comparing one with another is unfair.

Anonymous said...

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SANDY said...

Sorry to hear you've lost a pet, that's never easy. I think a few of your list aren't accurate. Mind you I don't think that's negative, it's just a statement of fact.

3. Animals don't pretend. I've seen many pretend not to hear you when you want them to do something, like when they pretend to be asleep. Our dog at home was really good at this.
4. Animals don't try to prove their supremacy by killing others. Yes they do, they have natural enemies, based on the food change. And dogs are pack animals life wolves and there is very much one that is superior to others in the group who will fight for their stop. Even with 2 dogs there's always one in control.

Gwen Stewart said...

Animals are worthy to be in heaven than humans who are selfish and sinners,nice post and keep up the good work

Coralie Nellhard said...

Animals are wonderful and are characters, just like humans.

They also suffer and long for care and attention from others both in the animal and human World.

God Bless you and your dog who has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.