Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Small Indian Story

Once upon a time, there was a big forest. So, big and so wild. A great lion was the king of that forest. This Lion was so big and gigantic. All other animals were very much afraid to come near to it.

One day, this great Lion was sleeping under a tree after a heavy meal. It was sleeping very happily and wanted no disturbance. However, no animal could dare to go around that place.

A small rat came there. It was so small and has never seen such a huge animal. It do not know how dangerous was the Lion is. For that small rat, the shape of the lion was so funny and it liked the mustaches of the lion. So, it has climbed on to the lion and start playing with those mustaches. The lion felt disturbed and woke up. It was so angry and wanted to kill that rat. It said to rat, "Bloody, how dare you, I will kill you in this instance". The rat was so afraid and was frowning and pleaded the lion not to kill it. It said, "Oh King, Please leave me. I will help you when you need a support". The Lion felt surprised and also felt little sorry for the small animal. It gave a smile to the rat and said, "Are you kidding me ? You gonna help me ?" It laughed and let the rat go.

After some days, the Lion was chasing an animal and mistakenly fell into the trap set by a hunter. It was unable to come out of the trap and was roaring helplessly. It was not able to escape from the trap. After making lot of attempts, it started again to roar for a help. The small mice, which was given life by this Lion was playing nearby. It heard the voice of this Lion and came there rushing. By seeing the Lion in the trap, it felt sorry.

The rat with its sharp teeth was able to cut the nylon ropes of the trap. It was so quick and fast. With in very short time, it was able to cut all the ropes of the trap with its teeth and let the great Lion escape from the trap. The Lion with the help of this small rat, was able to protect its life.

MORAL OF THIS STORY : Compassion always pays. Be Compassionate.

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Shaheen said...

Great moral to this story, keep up the good work Bharadwaj!