Saturday, October 24, 2009

BJP needs over - hauling

The recently concluded elections in the 3 states viz., Arunachal Pradesh, Haryana and Maharastra  and Lok Sabha elections earlier proves a point without doubt.

  BJP needs F5 (Refresh). The age old strategies and way ward leadership are leading the party no where. The leadership is loosing its Charishma and voters keep on loosing confidence. BJP is loosing its internal democracy and discipline for which its known over the years.

  On the other hand, Rahul Gandhi is following the "Immersion" mantra very successfully. His campaign is very simple yet very powerful. He is able to provide the assurance to the common man which is missing . The typical "sympathy" seeking mentality of common man of India is naturally getting attracted to the style of Rahul. On the contrary, BJP has no one to position against Rahul Gandhi. I am not saying that Rahul is effective or his strategy is good. But there is no one in BJP to counter him. And as long as Congress is winning, there is nothing to worry about.

  The internal issues with Vasundhara, Jaswanth Singh, Rajnadh singh etc are proving costly for BJP. Another disheartening issue is BJP could not position any one as suitable prime ministerial candidate after Hon'ble A.B. Vajpayee. May be BJP is getting struck in its own trap.Is The image of Vajpayee proving expensive for BJP ???? The answer may be probable YES.

  In the light of coming elections declared in Jarkhand, BJP needs to follow a strong strategy rather blaming on EVMs. Because, even though the credibility of EVMs is at stake, there are no signals of Election Commission changing those in the near future.

  The immediate challenges before saffron party is to strengthen its cadre, finding and nurturing the second level leadership and more importantly instilling the confidence in the voters that, its only the able opposition for Congress. When compared to congress BJP has no presence in some states like Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal etc., and many other states. It should immediately start concentrating on penetrating into new states and establish its presence. It should also concentrate on setting up alliances with other regional parties. For ex: Discarding Navin Patnayak proved very costly for them in the recently concluded Lok Sabha elections and we all know that.

  U.P.A. government is also not doing good. Rise in the prices of commodities, vegetables, increasing unemployment, lack of control over its so-called Rural Development Schemes, suicides of farmers, Nuclear deal with USA, relations with Pakisthan, unclear relations with USA, border controversies with China etc are leading country no where. 

  Moreover, internal security is at stake in the country as many anti - social elements (apartment from neighboring countries)are increasing their activities  and government has no control over them. But, ironically BJP has no one to expain these problems to the voters and convince them as it can show the remedies to these problems. There are some starts shining every now and then, but there is no one who can show them a way.

  Only saving factor for Congress is its clarity in terms of Leadership. It is show casing a solid leader in Manmohan Singh and a next level ready made Prime minister in Rahul Gandhi. Where is this clarity in BJP ?

  But the monopoly of Congress in Indian politics is definitely a threat to Indian Democracy as it is known for adopting Vote Bank politics and cheap politics. The political instability in Jarkhand is created by non other than UPA and its opportunist and dirty politics. Congress always blames BJP as communal party but it never see MIM in Andhra Pradesh and National Conference in Jammu as communal parties as they are the representatives of minority sections of the society. This is the time that Country should find a suitable alternatives to Congress if not UPA mark politics.

  And BJP has more than a job to do to prove that, in fact it is that ALTERNATIVE.

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