Sunday, October 25, 2009

My Experiences in Egypt - Part 4

Today, I should share about some general observations.

The people of Egypt like India very much. In fact in Egypt, one TV Channel called Zee Aflan telecasts Hindi movies.

Amitab Bacchhan is the synonym of India in Egypt. Its amazing how a country is identified with the name of a person. The iconic image of Amitab is amazing.

Some Egyptinas also know Dharmender, Rajendra Kumar and Aishwarya Rai. One or two people talk about Amirkhan and Shahruk Khan.

People of Egypt knows that Indian people eat very spicy food. In fact, here one seller sells Indian Grocery and pickle.

To do shopping downtown is the best area. Attaba near downtown is the good place to do shopping. Lot of shopping malls like Carrefour, Alpha Mall, Cairo mall etc are seen here. Near about 1000 hotels are in Cairo. Oberoi group of hotel is also seen here. There is one State Bank of India branch also here in Cairo.

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