Monday, October 19, 2009

My Experiences in Egypt - Part 1

I was very happy when my organisation wanted me to go to Egypt for doing my job, coz i thought that, Egypt is historically very rich, the culture is very good and more over i will get a chance to see Pyramids and Nile.

I was supposed to go to Sudan, but since Egypt colleagues responded very fast, I got ended up in Cairo.

My first initial reaction when i entered in to Cairo is like Wow....... the country is amazing in infrastructure, far far better than any other cities. Amazingly big in size and lot of fly overs, well constructed buildings with never ending night life.

                        Cairo's Night Life

I was very happy to see this environment as this was some thing new for us in India. Yes, I do agree that, our Metro Cities also have such environment, but not always.

I found life in Cairo very interesting, but i did not know that people speak typical Egyptian Arabic in Cairo till one month prior to I reach here. So, I could not have much chance to learn Arabic before coming to Cairo.

The place is very safe, people are very good and culture is very similar to India. The people of Cairo are very religious yet very friendly. They like people from foreign areas and they welcome people with open heart.

There are plenty of Indian hotels serve Indian food but also there are lot of food chains like KFC, PIZZA HUT, Mc DONALDS, MOMEN and SUB WAY. Koshari, Felafel, Fool, Tamaiah and Shawarma are the local popular food. Beef is very popular and regular food here.

I can tell you, Cairo is a fantastic place to visit.

(More Experiences in Part 2)

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