Monday, October 19, 2009

My Experiences in Egypt - Part 2

Now I must say about the rest of the things.

The currency is Egyptian Pound. Nearly 5.5 Egyptian Pound = $USD. But in local language they call pound as "Gineih". The place is so very expensive. The climate is very hot. I have seen sun set at around 9.00 pm here. The place is 3.5 hours behind India.

When it comes to local transportation, Metro Rail is available. Lot of local Cabs are available. Here, we will find 3 types of Cabs. 1. Traditional Black and White which is very expensive.....but chance to bargain. 2. White Cabs ........ these are with Meter....relatively inexpensive (provided you know where u are going and how u r going) 3. Yellow Cabs ........... these are bit expensive (only one pound than white cabs .........White Cabs meter starts with 2.5 pounds and Yellow ones with 3.5 pounds). In some parts of Cairo you can find Trams ( Trains go on Roads ).

                                             Tram at Heliopolis - Cairo

Lot of buses and micro buses are also available for public transportation.

Its very hard being a foreigner in this place particularly with language. If you know basics of Arabic before coming here, it would help. Even though there are many tutors available around, it could be so expensive to learn here. People speak very little English.

Apartments are available on Rent. The average rent is around 3500 Egyptian pounds with well furnished. Gas, Electricity and Petrol are damn cheap here.

Currently i am learning Arabic along with my colleagues and also from friends.

But i reiterate, try to learn Arabic before coming here.

(More is coming in Part 3 )

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