Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My Experiences in Egypt - Part 5

In this episode, i would like to write about the mentalities of people in Egypt. But remember, there are some good ones always and every where. This article covers majority.

People are pessimistic and negative in terms of attitude. So lazy, relaxed, not willing to work and not concerned for results. Repeatedly things are to be reminded to them to get the work done.

People are not a great team players. They will enjoy working in a safe mode. Not exposed to risk, not willing to take risk.Exceptionally from a foreign country's perspective, i feel India is far ahead from here in terms of work culture.

Most worrying factor is the people are double faced.You do not know whom to trust and whom not to .

But, i am fortunate to have a few colleagues, who are not in the above population. My colleagues are good, nice and are better team players.

(More in Part 6)

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