Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Kis Such Ka Samna ?

I do not understand why a realty show like "Such Ka Samna" is being encouraged by participants and viewers ?

"Somebody's pain is some body's entertainment" is this the main funda of this programme? or Are we really wanted to enjoy the pain of some one's else? Why should we know about somebody's personal truths? Some truths should not be revealed for the sake of lot of people's benefit.

If a mother reveals a truth and as a consequence, if that family breaks up and thier 3 year old daughter gets separated from her parents, who's responsibility was that ? The TV channel and Viewers are ready to take its responsibility?

Why are we copying all the foreign talk shows or realty shows? If a girls gets fucked by several partners, its alright in foreign context. But, here ????? If our neighbor or our close relative reveals such kind of truth's can we digest it???

If TVs has nothing to show, why dont they telecast the biographies of great people? Becuase, these biographies dont give them the TRPs.

Cricketers are rejecting to sign on WADA because it is violating their  constitutional right to live. Same way this programme is also violating such a constitutional right.

What is the ultimate benefit this programme wants to achieve? KBC was a good show because it was testing someone's abilities. But, what about this show ?? What it wants to achieve ?

The post episode surveys of  "The moment of truth " the mother of "Such ka Samna" showed that many families got broken up. Do we want that here in our country ?

I was watching one episode and i feel like, Indian women are such stupids ?

Please do not encourage these programmes just for entertainment. Have common sense and stop watching these kind of shows. TVs show anything for their TRPs. Tomorrow, they conduct a strip tease competition for 2 crores. Shall we participate ??

Think twice before watching any programmes and if you can not refrain yourself from these, at least keep your children away.

Let them exercise their right to learn values and morals.


Indrani said...

Like to tell d writer this is the only shw where people at least said truth....even after reading this blog 4 me it was a gr8 shw n i would like to request the media 4 more shws like this ....Jai Ho Sach Ka Samna...! n for your kind info mr.anti truth ...this was never told sach ka samna was a child shw ...even d timing for this shw was at late night with the caution...!

Bharadwaj said...

I do not agree with you on this. You are saying at least people are telling truths now. A lie which is useful in building a relationship is better than a truth which is destructive.