Saturday, November 14, 2009

10 things to know About Animal Rights (Dec 10th is the International Animal Rights Day)

1.The fundamental principle of the Animal Rights movement is that nonhuman animals deserve to live according to their own natures, free from harm, abuse, and exploitation.

2. It says animals have the RIGHT to be free from human cruelty and exploitation, just as humans possess this right. The withholding of this right from the nonhuman animals based on their species membership is referred to as "speciesism".

3. Animal rights activists try to extend the human circle of respect and compassion beyond our species to include other animals, who are also capable of feeling pain, fear, hunger, thirst, loneliness, and kinship.

4. Most leather goods are made from the byproducts of the slaughterhouse, and some is purpose-made, i.e., the animal is grown and slaughtered purely for its skin. So, by buying leather products, you will be contributing to the profits of these establishments and augmenting the economic demand for slaughter.

5. Leaving aside the raw fact that the animals must sacrifice their lives for human vanity, we are left with many objections to fur ranching. A common misconception about fur "ranches" is that the animals do not suffer. This is entirely untrue. These animals suffer a life of misery and frustration, deprived of their most basic needs. They are kept in wire-mesh cages that are tiny, overcrowded, and filthy. Here they are malnourished, suffer contagious diseases, and endure severe stress.

6. The methods used on these farms reflect not the interests and welfare of the animals but the furriers' primary interest--profit. The end of the suffering of these animals comes only with death, which, in order to preserve the quality of the fur, is inflicted with extreme cruelty and brutality.

 Without human interference, sheep would grow just enough wool to protect them from the weather, but scientific breeding techniques have ensured that these animals have become wool-producing monstrosities. Their unnatural overload of wool (often half their body weight) brings added misery during summer months when they often die from heat exhaustion. Also, one million sheep die in Australia alone each year from exposure to cold after shearing.Every year, in Australia alone, about ten million lambs die before they are more than a few days old. This is due largely to unmanageable numbers of sheep and inadequate stockpersons. Of UK wool, 27 percent is "skin wool", pulled from the skins of slaughtered sheep and lambs.

8. Over 100 million animals are used in experiments worldwide every year.

 A group of 64 monkeys was addicted to drugs by automatic injection in their jugular veins. When the supply of drugs was abruptly withdrawn, some of the monkeys were observed to die in convulsions. Before dying, some monkeys plucked out all their hair or bit off their own fingers and toes.

10. It is not difficult to see that humans are humans and animals are animals.What is difficult to see is how this amounts to anything more than an empty tautology! If there are relevant differences that justify differences in treatment, then let's hear them. AR opponents have consistently failed to support the differences in treatment of humans versus animals with relevant differences in capacities. Yes, an animal is an animal, but it can still suffer terribly from our brutality and lack of compassion.

Please stop committing crime against Animals. Love animals and get loved by them. Please stop imbalancing the nature.


kbxmas said...

I enjoyed stopping by your blog and learning about animal rights. You are clearly passionate about this cause. Please feel free to visit my blog where I write about travel and life at Take care, Kristin

"The Author" said...

Thank you very much for your reply. I would feel fortunate if i could contribute to this cause. I am feeling honored to meet people like you.

Syed Rameez Mohiuddin said...

very nice information dear thanks for sharing..

"The Author" said...

Dear Rameez,

Thanks for writing. Animals and Children are very pure. Let us try to save that purity. In the world still humanity is alive because of people like you. Let us all work together to end the cruelty against the animals.