Thursday, November 12, 2009

Stop Animal Abuse

Who are we to abuse animals ?

What is our right to abuse animals?

In what way we are superior to animals?

No !!!!! No way we are superior to animals if not equal to them. Animals are not selfish, animals dont know corruption, breach, conspiracy. Their love is true and unconditional. A snake is also not dangerous than some of the ugly human beings.

God has created every one. In his eyes, every creation on the earth is equal. To say this, in Hindu Mythology God has taken several forms of animals like a pig, fish , tortoise, lion etc.,

Do they ever asked anything from us? Then why are we asking them lot of things or infact killing them ? Who are we to create imbalances in the nature?

As we are creating imbalances, nature is trying to balance every thing by creating Tsunamis, earth quakes or for that matter other disasters. Please remember, every thing will be balanced by nature. At last, its again for human to pay for the heinous and ugly imbalances they are creating.

Can't we produce artificial leather or fur ? Cant we live without wearing Animal's skin ? Cant we eat tree based products ? Can't we love those, who are voice less ? We are invading the forests, the places of animals but they are not invading us. Let us ask ourselves the following questions before abusing / hurting / killing the animals. Think twice, before battering animals. Imagine if some one batters our kids or family members.

1. A sea whale can communicate with another whale which is stationed 1000 kms away from it. Can we do this ?
2. Some birds and animals can swim in the water in - 50 degree temperature. Can we do it?
3. Some animals can hear even the lowest decibel sounds, which we even cant imagine. Can we hear those ?
4. If we are more sensitive than animals, why a few animals died in the Tsunami 2004, and millions of humans ? Because animals forcasted the danger and escaped to safe zones.
5. A small ant can take 52 times heavier weight than its body weight. Can we do it?
6. Can we run like a Leopard, Panther or a Deer?
7. Can we see like a eagle or hawk?
8. Can we love anyone so unconditionally like a dog or elephant or any other animal does?

Any religion do not support animal abuse in any form. Think on this. Let us all prove that, we are humans and have the qualities such as mercy, love and sympathy.

PETA website rightfully says :

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