Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Dirty Politics around "Maa Telugu Talliki"

I dont know what TRS people found bad about "Maa Telugu Talliki". The following things must be observed by readers in opposition to what TRS says.

1. The song is about Telugu but not about Andhra. Does Telangana people  not speak telugu ? Are they speaking any foreign language ? So, singing about Telugu talli should not be objectionable. If at all the song says,  "Maa Andhra Talliki" then the objection of TRS would have had some value.
2. The song is written in good olden days, when there was no global warming or dirty politics. Krisha, Godavari rivers flow from Telangana only and in the song its clearly mentioned about them. Are Krishna and Godavari not part of Telangana ? When this song was written, there were timely rains and good cropping practices. So, the agriculture was good when this song was written. There were no "Jalayagnam" kind of political projects then.
3. There is a special mention about Rudrama devi in "Maa Telugu Talliki" - is she not from Telangana ?
4. In the recent elections, telangana people clearly has given mandate against TRS. They do not want a split, but why TRS want to split the state by force ?
5. What is so special in the song now Telangana people are singing and how its better from earlier song ?
6. Mr. Balasubrahmanyam has not shown bias against Telangana. He just wanted a combined state. That is why he has rejected to sing Telangana song.
7. There is a strange logic TRS is saying that Maa telugu talliki is written to satisfy britishers. How funny ? Why would britishers love telugu and telugu talli ?

What would you say readers ?

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