Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Tribute to Kittu

Kittu ............. our most wounderful pet..........a DOG !!!!!

Very Intelligent, honest, good, sensible, humor and what not ............ it will take loooooooooooooooooot of space to describe about Kittu. It joined our family 12 years ago when i was doing my final graduation. It was 2 days old and not yet opened its eyes. It would go to another side, if we call from another direction. That small when it came. It was typically like a sumo fighter. No shapes when arrived.

My father never liked pets, but Kittu with its personality and behaviour was able to change the whole thinking of my father. Now, my father feeds more than a dozen small road side Dogs every day. It would pick up the phone, stand on my news paper inviting me to paly with him. It would run all around the home, and would sleep fully tired.

In its child hood, it has suffered from a infection and we noticed it little late. We were taken him to hospital for a week and doctors gave IV lines to Kittu....thank god it survived. I still remember giving him energy drinks with a spoon.

Kittu was so disciplined. He would never touch food if he was ill. That is the first indicator for us that he was not well. He understands every single instruction of us and we also understand every single expression of him. So, communicative was our Kittu.

Our house is known as kittu's house. Kittu also helped my mother recovering from a serious health problem. We both were very good friends. We both were playing a lot of with each other.

Kittu has gained lot of Fan following with its behaviour and infact we have learned lot of things from him.Very high self esteem was the asset of Kittu.

Unfortunately Kittu has passed away leaving all of us on 31st August 09 attending a medical assistance from the doctor. May his soul rest in peace.

Unforgettable Friend. This time when i return home, i will not see him, some thing not happend in the last dozen years.

Kittu, you have left lot of memories for us and we can not forget you darling.


surveygirl46 said...

Hi Rad - (this is what i will call you since i cannot pronounce your name and wouldn't even try for fear of massacreing it:) I am sorry for the loss of Kittu. Its hard when you have a being in your life that loves you so unconditionally and is always honestly glad to see you (unlike a lot of people who call themselves "friend") we can learn a lot from pets. We have a one year old American Stafforshire Terrier (Pit Bull actually) named Fluffy (just for laughs) he just turned 1 in sept and only after a year i don't want to think of a life where he may not be there some day. I like your blog very much!

"The Author" said...

Hi, Thanks for writing. You can call me Raaj. Even Rad is also not correct, but never mind. I wish Fluffy will be with you for long long periods. Have a better time with Fluffy. Yeah......they give truly unconditional love and we became slaves to Kittu and we were proud about it. My mother is still crying coz she never accepted kittu as dog, but treated like a son. Thanks for the compliment.

reyah said...

It was really sad losing a pet who you really love so much and remembering all the joy that they gave us.

"The Author" said...

Yes Reyah. We still could not recover from the shock.

surveygirl46 said...

Hi Raaj - I believe that animals have souls and that you will see them again, in fact, they never leave you. No one does when they pass - even those people you wouldnt'mind having leave you...LOL

"The Author" said...

You r right probably. And i hope i could see my Kittu again. Truly he was my best soul mate.