Monday, October 26, 2009

Aussies Lost

Australia lost.

Yes. I am talking about the first one day at Vadodara. Australia has lost. I am not jocking.................Australia may have won the match but again lost as a team.

The rational behind this thinking is not just the on slot of Bhajji and Praveen but there are several other aspects. People may say that Australia has hold its nerve. No. Its not.

But, in fact Australia has lost its nerve the moment it saw Bhajji punishing them. Did any one saw the 49th over that Shane Watson bowled??? One of the best all rounders of world cricket bowling to tail enders. Did he forget his basics or what? It seems Aussies are not really comfortable agian with Bhajji. This time he frustrated them with his bat too. Have you seen the Field settings in the last 7 overs ? Come on Ricky.......give captaincy to Mitchell Janson.

But this excellent knock from Bhajji and PK should teach some lessons to the top order players. As a matter of fact, Suresh Raina must give way to some talented cricketer may be like Manish Pandey.

Ishanth Sharma again fired with ball against Aussies. Its good to see that some players develop interest playing against Aussies.

I said Australia lost because their failure to convert the score to 300 + runs. The last over of Ishanth was phenomenal. The recklessness and arrogance shown by Aussie bowlers during the last 7 overs almost made them loose the match also. They infact need more than discipline. Ricky Ponting as a captain again failed to capitalize the moment with a big win. If given players like David Hussy, even a 70 year old grand mother will also captain Australia team. For that, Ricky is not required.

So, Aussies should concentrate on winning like champions but do not look to sneak through a back door. They should remember that, luck always will not favour them like it did in the 50th over of this match.

Ultimately, some one has to win and some have to loose. But Hats off to team India again for making Aussies (so called Mental Disintegration specialists) to fear and making the match an eventual thriller.

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